Karachi envisaged to have environment-friendly power plants


KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Energy Imtiaz A Shaikh has asked concerned officials to ensure early completion of feasibility regarding an environment-friendly plant in Karachi with a capacity to produce 50-megawatts electricity daily.

Chairing a departmental meeting at his office, he said the envisaged plant will convert bio-degradable waste into electricity and it will be run on public-private partnership.

“It will also help turn clean as well as green the provincial capital and the commercial hub of the country,” commented the minister for energy.

He in this context also sought details of proposed bio-gas plants in Landhi Cattle Colony. He reiterated efficient implementation of the scheme with equal attention to contain massive contamination of local coast and seawater which have severe implications on marine life as well as shipping activities.

This was said to also improve standards of hygiene and cleanliness in the pens and vicinity of the colony itself.

Sindh Secretary for Energy, Mussadaq Ahmed Khan, Managing Director of Sindh Solid Waste Management, Attar Das Sanjani and other officials belonging to provincial planning and development department present on the occasion made their respective suggestions.

The meeting was informed that waste produced in Karachi holds the capacity to generate 300 to 400 mega-watts of electricity on daily basis and adequate streamlining can help establishment of chain of power generating units in private sector.

“Through proper planning and a rational approach we can definitely attract more investment in the environment-friendly power generation units in the province,” Imtiaz A Shaikh commented.

Sindh Energy Minister said equal attention was needed to make optimum use of the safe and environment-friendly, indigenous resources to reduce dependence on imported fuel generated electricity plants.