Kobler leaves Pakistan with a ‘heavy heart’


German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler after announcing his retirement last month held a farewell brunch on Monday to celebrate his 2-year-long stay in the country.

Reminiscing the time spent in Pakistan, the outgoing German envoy, who became everyone’s favourite in a very short time, delivered a heartfelt speech in an ode to Pakistan.

Taking to Twitter, the diplomat shared: “What a memorable farewell brunch with my friends & colleagues!! Thank you all for so much love!! gave my farewell speech with heavy heart. Was one of the best posting ever!! Only 2 days to go!! Will miss #Pakistan & her people forever.”

In another post, Kobler extolled the efforts of Karishma Ali, who was featured in the prestigious 30 Under 30 list for starting Chitral’s first ever women’s sports club, said: “What an honour!! @karishmaAli22 who is in #ForbesUnder30 came at my farewell brunch. Didn’t know she was also a part of embassy football team.Lovely meeting her!! She started women sports club in #Chitral for the 1st time!! Fully confident that youth will take this country ahead.”