VIDEO: CTD AIG denies harassing couple, slapping woman despite video evidence


KARACHI: Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Karachi Additional Inspector General (AIG) Kamran Afzal on Monday said that a video which went viral on social media regarding the harassment of a couple by his squad was being portrayed wrongly.

Talking to APP, he said that the incident occurred a few days ago near McNeil Road while he was travelling with his family when a car overtook his vehicle more than three times. He asked his driver to pull over the said car so that he can talk to the driver and ask him not to drive recklessly.

“I asked my squad to go and request the person driving the car to get off the car and meet me. My squad talked to him very politely, which can also be seen in the video”, the AIGP stated while justifying his squad’s ill behaviour as a result of being threatened with their life.

It is pertinent to mention here that the person who made the video is an ordinary citizen.

“There was nothing personal with the couple in video and their vehicle was not pulled over for any other reason,” Dr Kamran concluded. However, he did not mention anything about him slapping the woman which can be seen in the video.

In the said video, the couple can be seen sitting in their car blocked by AIG’s car and police officials asking the couple to come to police officer’s car to talk to him.

“We will not go there, if he wants to talk, he should come to us,” the couple said, adding that this is not the way to do things.


According to the person who shared the video: “Family was going back home from shapes at 8.40 pm. On a narrow two way street, a white Prado with police at the back tried to cut them so they honked and stopped to let them go. They later came in front and blocked their car. Police commandos surrounded their car and started saying that the husband gets off as Sahab wants to talk to him.”

He further wrote that that is when the wife started making the video. Finally, she got off and knocked on his window and that is when he slapped her and phone dropped. His commando picked it up and refused to return it. Then the argument continued and the policeman’s wife and brother (Ziauddin, who was driving) got off and started yelling that they shouldn’t be so angry and why did they honk. She kept on asking for her phone but they wouldn’t give it. They finally called their parents who arrived and finally, these police people backed off and said that they will only give phone if she removes the video but she refused by then so many people were there that they finally returned it.

This man didn’t give them his full name or post but they found it online. They want to ensure that he doesn’t bother them in the future, the post read.