Construction work at Farooqabad Police Training Centre in limbo


LAHORE: Due to lack of funds the project of construction of admin Block, double story barracks (Hostels) and mess hall at Police Training School (PTS) Farooqabad is still in limbo whereas, the concerned official claims that they are in dire need of the building, Pakistan Today has learnt.

Pakistan Today further learnt that in June 2017, the Punjab police department had started a project titled ‘Construction of Admin Block, Double Story Barracks (Hostels) and Mess Hall at PTS Farooqabad, District Sheikhupura’ however the purpose of the project was to facilitate the staff which was on training whereas, the planned end date of the project was June 2019.

Well-maintained sources said, “The project was approved with PC-I cost of Rs. 70.810 million and work started on 30th June 2017; however, Rs37.507 million were released and utilised until the time. The project remained short funded during its gestation period as only Rs1.000 million, Rs29.107 million and Rs7.400 million were released against the planned allocations of Rs20 million in the year 2016-17, Rs45.002 million in the year 2017-18 and Rs13.534 million in the year 2018-19 respectively”.

Sources further revealed, “The construction firm has already done more work than the provided funds and liability of almost Rs. 20.000 million is existing in the project. The project was planned to be completed till 29-06-2019 however, it seems difficult to get completed within its planned gestation period due to short funding of the project”.

Sources further said, “The architectural design of kitchen area (cooking area + roti preparation area) in the mess hall was not according to the standards as the TSS (Time-Saver Standards). Inadequate consideration of architectural standards may lead to malfunctioning of the provided facility. Accommodation rooms were provided on the first floor of the mess hall building but no toilet was provided there for the residents. It can lead to a cumbersome situation for the inmates residing in those rooms. Toilets should be provided on the first floor of the mess hall building for providing comfortable living conditions for the residents”.

“Architectural planning was not done properly for the admin block as the wall was improperly designed which was causing a lessening in space on the inner side of the room and therefore washroom was also designed with very narrow width due to limited available space. Buildings should be designed to avoid wastage of material and efforts should be made to prepare an economical building design”.

 While talking to Pakistan Today the Chief Law Instructor of Punjab Police, Kashif Nawaz said, “The building has been made with great effort by the communication and Works department but budgets have been a great concern and issue. Our 8 classrooms and 152 washrooms are still pending and funds are a problem in the delay of these. Form the first year of this project we are facing the financial constraints and we have sent several letters and reminders to the higher-ups but we haven’t received any funds. We did not have proper mess hall and food was being served in the rooms and mess construction is also halted. The constable rank comes to us for training and to accommodate them we were doing this project to increase living space. Similarly, we have persons for promotional courses as well”.