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Whale’s carcass found on Gwadar coast

The carcass of a 24-meter Bryde’s whale was found off the western coast of Gwadar on Wednesday, according to a TV channel’s report.

The report quoted an environment official as saying that the whale was injured in several places. He said that it seemed that the whale had collided with a ship and was fatally injured.

The Bryde’s whale, scientifically known as Balaenoptera edeni, is among the three rorqual or baleen whales found in Pakistani waters. The other two are blue whale and Arabian humpback whale.

There are a few records of the presence of Bryde’s whale in Pakistan which are mainly based on the beached carcasses.

Earlier, this week an 8-meter sperm whale was found dead off Sardinia with 22 kilograms of plastic in its belly.

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