VIDEO: US travel blogger Binsky visits Azad Kashmir and Indians are not happy


American traveler Drew Binsky became the first foreign vlogger to visit Azad Kashmir sharing the political history, traditions, hospitality and immense beauty of the region and Indians on social media are not happy with it.

Binsky went to Azad Kashmir days after Pakistan government finished requirement of NOC for foreign travelers to visit the region. In his latest, vlog, Binsky shared the history of Kashmir while praising the beauty.

“I am here in the capital of Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarabad,” he said in the video, adding that you can expect to see green hills, steep narrow valleys and snow-capped mountains, in fact, world’s second tallest mountain K2 is just around the corner.


As he called Pakistan-side Kashmir as Azad Kashmir, Indians were not happy as they expressed their displeasure over it.

One Indian wrote: “I’m a follower of ur page but never expected this kinda posts from u Mr. Drew Brinsky… Correct ur facts mister… The whole of Kashmir is Indian state.”

Highlighting the ‘disturbing’ aspect, one Indian said: “Your videos are supposed to provide travel information. Doesn’t give you the right to interfere and comment on something which is extremely conflicting. It disturbs us as citizens of India when you make some comments based on hearsay. As I am sure your information is completely sourced from locals of that region.”

Asking Binsky to do research, one Indian wrote: “oh…came with yet another politicized one-sided version of a story…If you cant do research properly,then dont make such videos and manipulate things…You want to change history with your modified version ??? Too poor ….Dont be too smart and present facts in a wrong way !!!!”

Telling Binsky that Kashmir is India’s ‘integral part’, one wrote: ”

Hey Drew Binsky bro u r in Pakistan Occupied kashmir which is the integral part of the India according to Instrument of accession filed by Maharaja Hari singh in 1947.Please read and study the history of that part. Good for u.”
Another wrote: “Drew Binsky content is good , but u need lessons in history and geography bro !”