SHC seeks travel history, call record, CCTV footages of missing persons


KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday sought travel history, call record, and CCTV footages of missing persons and directed the federal and provincial security agencies and authorities to use every possible mean to recover the missing persons as soon as possible.

A two-member bench of the SHC headed by justice Naimtullah Phulputo and comprising Justice KK Agha heard petitions of some 100 missing citizens and expressed anger on police and other relevant authorities for not taking effective measurements regarding early recovery of the missing men. Mother of a missing man, Imran, cried before the bench and stated: “some unknown plainclothes entered my home and took away Imran and his sons.”

She stated that Imran’s sons were released after some days but Imran is still missing. She said if her son has committed any crime, he should be produced before the court.

Justice Naimtullah Phulputo remarked the police do not realise the trouble of citizens. He said Joint Investigation Team (JIT) and police have done nothing to dress the wounds of affected families.

The police submitted their report saying that a missing citizen, Advocate Mazhar Ali, was required to police in a case.

“If some advocate or any other citizen is involved in any crime then he should be arrested but why they are being disappeared,” Justice KK Agha asked. He said it is the responsibility of police to arrest criminals.

The bench also directed the police and other relevant authorities to take effective steps to recover the missing men.