Pakpattan man released, appointed minister after claiming homemade airplane fueled by water


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

PAKPATTAN – Muhammad Fayaz, the resident of Pakpattan’s Chak No32/SP Tabar, was released on Tuesday and appointed as a minister after he claimed that the airplane that he had made at home is fueled by water.

Fayaz, who made a small airplane and flew it using a road as a runway, is now the Federal Minister for Science & Technology, and will formally join the ministry on Monday.

Talking to The Dependent in an exclusive interview Fayaz said he used the technical design of water-kit to create the “perpetual motion machine” which allows the airplane to run by water.

“The water-kit breaks water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules through electrolysis, owing to which any aircraft can fly for a distance of 1 kilometre per 100 kilogrammes of the machine’s weight,” he said pointing towards his plane which weighs 92 kg.

“This is the second machine to successfully contradict the second law of thermodynamics and defy rules of physics as the world has known them,” Fayaz added.

After appointing Fayaz as the Minister for Science & Technology, the government has decided to make him supervise Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal along with nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, who has loudly backed the water-fueled airplane.

“We are hopeful that Pakistan will become the first nation to make an atom bomb from water,” a senior government official told The Dependent.