Former PKLI director ‘devastated, hurt’ after finding name on ECL


LAHORE: The former medical director of the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute (PKLI), Dr Amer Yar Khan, said he was “totally devastated, humiliated and frustrated” after finding out his name had been put on the Exit Control List (ECL) by the Interior Ministry.

“So I’m at the airport right now going to the USA to attend the American College of Physicians meeting and they are telling me at immigration that I can’t go because I’m on the ECL” the recently resigned former PKLI director wrote in a facebook post.

Dr Khan had only a few days ago made public his resignation from the PKLI over the PKLI Act 2019, which he claims completely strips the institution of any autonomy, thus making it impossible for it to function as a modern, state-of-the art medical institution.

“The PKLI Act 2019 practically gives complete control of the institution to a bloated government bureaucracy which has no clue how to run modern hospitals, while dumps responsibility on an executive which is not given the authority which would enable delivery” he said in an earlier facebook post he made when he made his resignation public.

“What has happened at PKLI should be a case study for why Pakistan could not succeed like some other countries such as Malaysia, Turkey, Korea, Japan and Germany, despite having some of the best minds in the world in all fields. ”

Dr Khan was not told at the airport why he was placed on the ECL, but he was informed that his name had been given by the interior ministry on instruction of the Supreme Court. Dr Khan later speculated that it was former Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar who must have had his name placed on the ECL.

“Possibly the last CJ did this vindictively before retiring and the Interior Ministry never thought to reverse it despite the SC order concluding the suo moto clearing our names” he said in a later post.

“I say this because I was informed by the official at the airport and I quote “your name is put on the list by the Interior Ministry because of the SC orders.”

Dr Khan also posted his exit interview with the company on youtube in an attempt to further explain his reasons behind leaving the PKLI and his opposition to the PKLI Act 2019.