PNMA’s objectives discussed in Karachi meeting


KARACHI: Participants of the Pakistan News Media Association (PNMA) in its threadbare discussion in a meeting in Karachi with eminent senior journalist Zia Shahid in the chair explained its aims and objectives stressed the need for providing a broad-based platform to all categories of news media practitioners in their professional work.

Speaking on the occasion, Zia Shahid said PNMA would pave the way for stimulating the professional zeal and competency to find out solutions to their problems and maintaining mutual liaison and exchange of viewpoint.

The meeting was told that the process of broad-based membership of PNMA would be completed within three months followed by an election of the body at the central level and formation of the organization at the provincial level.

The meeting was also addressed by Haider Azeem, Arshad Ahmad Arif, Zahida Hina, Nazir Laghari, Wosatullah Khan, Dr Nazir Mehmood, Dr Jabbar Khattak, GM Jamali, among others.

The speakers said that media importance, particularly news media, was increasing day by day in Pakistan like that of world media but never a broad-based media body so far appeared in the country. The formation of PNMA, the speakers said, has come into existence to meet the dire need of the news media in Pakistan.

The speakers warned that if the media practitioners did not close their ranks and files their problems would not only be enhanced but freedom of press and expression would also be at stake and jeopardised in the days ahead. They were of the view that those responsible for the present media crisis should be pinpointed and exposed.