‘PUBG,’ says uncle without any context in last-ditch effort to connect with nephews

(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)
Mudassir Haider, an uncle of four, has attempted to reach out to his nephews in a last-ditch effort by saying the word ‘PUBG’ without any context late Friday afternoon.
The apropos-of-nothing reference to the popular online game that can be played across platforms including mobile phones, was an absolutely last option left for the Islamabad-based computer graphics designer in an attempt to connect with his growing – and increasingly distant – nephews.
“Look, I can’t even say this was a calculated risk,” he said, while speaking to reporters. “I thought that since I am an artist, so to speak, and I can play the guitar reasonably well, that I would always be the really cool uncle, specially when they hit their teens.”
“But their recent phone-zombie status has really changed the situation completely,” he said. “Now, I know what my accountant and engineer friends, whose only interests were watching football and cricket, would have felt like.”
The move wasn’t appreciated, as the two nephews present only looked up from their phones for a brief second, rolled their eyes, and went back to their Snapchat screens.