PKLI medical director resigns over lack of autonomy


Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute (PKLI) Medical Director Amer Yar Khan has announced his resignation while citing reservations over the PKLI Act 2019 which, according to him, “took away any autonomy we had which is a pre-requisite to run any facility in a modern and efficient way.”

According to Khan’s Facebook post, he “had resigned from PKLI last month (letter attached) after, despite all efforts, the cabinet approved the PKLI Act 2019 … The well respected adhoc management committee placed by the SC convinced me to stay (letter attached) at least while they were functioning due to which I had to defer my resignation in their respect, however, without any liability to stay after they had gone. The adhoc committee was disbanded along with the ditching of the suo moto case against us by the new bench of the honourable SC.”

“What has happened at PKLI should be a case study for why Pakistan could not succeed like some other countries such as Malaysia, Turkey, Korea, Japan and Germany, despite having some of the best minds in the world in all fields. The PKLI Act 2019 practically gives complete control of the institution to a bloated government bureaucracy which has no clue how to run modern hospitals, while dumps responsibility on an executive which is not given the authority which would enable delivery. People who are professionals and motivated to deliver will never be able to accept such an appointment. Small people sitting on big chairs – the tragedy of Pakistan,” he wrote. “We are told by the government that PKLI will be an independent organisation like Shaukat Khanum. Let’s not take the Pakistani people for a ride again, like all previous governments have. Read the PKLI Act 2019 and please explain to me how anyone can possibly believe that!”

Moreover, he wished for the better future of the healthcare facility.