Torture victim Asma Aziz narrates her ordeal to court


LAHORE: Asma Aziz, whose husband and his employees allegedly tortured her and shaved her head for not dancing for them, recorded her statement before a judicial magistrate on Friday.

In her statement, Asma said, “My husband brought two of his friends over to our house and asked me to drink alcohol and dance for them. When I refused, my husband, Faisal, tied my feet and started to torture me.”

Asma said that three employees namely Rashid, Amjad, and Farzana were present at their residence at the time of the incident. “When I tried to run out of the house, my husband hit with a manhole cover,” she said.

She further told the magistrate that she called a friend from her employee Farzana’s phone. “My friend came over and took me to the police station. When we asked the police officials to conduct a medical examination they asked for Rs5,000.”

“The police neither gave a report nor conducted a medical examination. I walked out of the police station crying as they did not cooperate,” she stated before the magistrate.

A day earlier, two suspects, including Asma’s husband, were handed over to Lahore police on a four-day physical remand.

A video had gone viral on social media of Asma in which she claimed that her husband Mian Faisal and his employees beat her with pipes, shaved her head, and threatened to strangle her when she refused to dance in front of them.

According to her medical examination report, she had various injuries on her body.

The examination report stated that Aziz, 15-18 hours after she reportedly sustained her injuries, had multiple bruises on her left forearm, a cut on her finger, bruises and swelling on both cheeks near her ears, redness and watering in her left eye, and had experienced some dizziness and vomiting. The report at the bottom added that there is no possibility of fabrication of her injuries.

The report recommends x-rays of her head and hand, and getting the opinions of ENT, ortho, eye, and neuro specialists.