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Sindh govt approves new police uniforms

KARACHI: Sindh government on Wednesday approved new uniforms for provincial police on the recommendations of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh Dr Kaleem Imam.

In a statement here, IGP Sindh said that the prime reason behind the changing of uniforms was to enhance the policing process and to bring it up to international standard. IGP said, “It will surely have a fruitful result in exhibiting perception of improved policing amongst the citizens.” He said that citizens will welcome and appreciate this replacement.”

On the occasion, DIGP Operations Sindh Maqsood Ahmed briefed that the new uniform was designed in accordance with the latest international standards.

DIGP said Sindh police would be the sole provider of the new police uniforms to ensure the quality of fabric, colour and stitching, as local suppliers and vendors will not be allowed to display the new uniform in their outlets.

According to a report, the uniform will initially be introduced in five units of Sindh Police, including Traffic Police, C.I.A, Anti-Riots Reserve Platoons, Forensic Division Sindh and Central Police Office. Four uniforms for each personnel per annum will be recommended in the next financial year. Police uniforms displayed at Central Police Office for the Traffic Police officers include white shirt, navy blue paint and navy-blue p-cap, whilst, the uniform of traffic police personnel consist of a half-sleeve white t-shirt, navy blue paint and navy-blue p-cap.

Similarly, uniforms of officers of the Central Police Office and other police units will consist of a dark blue shirt, navy blue paint and navy-blue p-cap. The uniform of constables and head constables will include dark blue half-sleeve shirt, navy blue paint and navy-blue cap. While belt width has also been reduced to two inches.

It will increase the morale of the police officials having the same quality of uniforms in all ranks. New uniforms will be factory stitched on international standards, which will be comfortable for police in all weather.

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