No plan to roll back 18th Amendment, says law minister


ISLAMABAD: Law Minister Farogh Nasim has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan never asked for rolling back the 18th Constitutional Amendment nor any discussion has been made in the cabinet meeting for making any amendments in the proposed amendment.

“PM has never asked for rolling back 18th amendment nor it was ever discussed in cabinet meeting to make any amendment therein. There is no need to introduce any amendment in 18th constitutional amendment at present.  Debate is needed over some things in 18th amendment. Whenever any amendment is needed in the constitution, it is then done according to time,” he said this while addressing a seminar here in a private hotel.

He said that the Interior Ministry would resort to the court on the matter of removal of name of Shahbaz Sharif from ECL. Because it is government viewpoint that there should be no corruption at any level.

He said “we are in contact with opposition parties on the issue of military courts and soon we will reach reconciliation”.

He underlined government is not interfering in NAB matters nor has the government interfered in Nawaz and Zardari cases.

He remarked federal government will soon bring amendments in NAB laws and we will make headway in plea bargain matter soon.