CDA to revamp its planning wing


-Proposed plan suggests a reduction in redundant directorates, expansion at levels of town planners and technical experts

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) to revamp, and revitalize its planning wing would induct qualified technical experts/ town planners with incentivized packages for better service delivery.

Planning wing is the backbone of CDA but lately has remained understaffed and has faced performance challenges, said a press release issued here on Wednesday.

Realizing the importance of the matter, the incumbent management of the authority had decided to introduce reforms in the planning wing.

A comprehensive plan has been formulated to strengthen the planning wing of the authority to improve service delivery.

The proposed reform and revamp plan mandates the creation of a pyramid in the planning wing of CDA.

Earlier it was a top-heavy, where multiple officers were present at senior levels while at operational levels there was an acute shortage.

The proposed plan suggests reduction in redundant directorates and expansion at levels of town planners and technical experts.

The proposal also envisages focus on building control and enforcement. There is a recommendation to have three sections of building control which would have a set up that would streamline disposal of pending applications.

Similarly, there would be a directorate of monitoring and evaluation also which would perform the role of enforcement.

The proposal also includes incentivized salaries for planning staff to encourage qualified technical experts to work for CDA.

Additional salary coupled with a more decentralized working environment where the planning wing will be taking care of its own financial and HR matters.

A detailed plan with posts has been prepared and financial impacts have also been calculated.

It is expected that reform in planning wing along with incentivized pay package, better HR and redesigning the hierarchical setup under better service delivery oriented regulations will provide relief to citizens of Islamabad.

Deliberation on these reforms have been going on for a few weeks and today special assistant to Prime Minister on CDA was also briefed on these reforms.