Two women killed over ‘honour’ in Toba Tek Singh


PIR MAHAL: Two women were killed in the name of honour, in two separate incidents in Pir Mahal, an area of Toba Tek Singh district of Punjab on Monday.

As per details, a woman was killed over honour in Mozo Muharram Kathia area of the Pir Mahal.

The accused managed to flee from the crime scene, the local police said.

Meanwhile, another woman was murdered in the limits of Police Station Arauti.

The police have started the search of the accused involved into the killings of women over the name of honour.

On February 23, the police had found two bodies of a man and woman near Hub Dam, who were murdered in the name of honour.

The family of boy had refused to file a case, the police said. The FIR of double murder was registered by police under the honour killing clauses of the law.

The families of the two deceased belong to Kala Dhakka area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

The boy and the girl were first tortured and then murdered, police had said.

According to police Naseeb Zar had left home after fighting with his family eight months ago. The girl went missing, one month after the boy had left his home.