White Lies


It was an interesting press conference. Senior print journalists on one side and senior ministers, headed by the prime minister himself, on the other.

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry and his bette noire over at PTV, Naeem-ul-Haq, were both there. So one of the gentlemen editors, with a dollop of mischief, just had to ask about the tension between the two. Which visibly exacerbated the aforementioned tension, with one of them absolutely burrowing himself in his seat.

The Punjab Chief Minister was also the subject of much discussion, with all the senior journalists being a tad uncharitable about the fellow. Well, almost all; one manager of a news group said that the chief minister has to be met at least once to be understood. That they all should meet him before forming an opinion.

Worth noting: this editor just happened to be the first journalist that the CM visited after taking over.


You might have seen the video by now. It has gone viral on WhatsApp groups. Clothing brand Elan announced its new lawn collection. Clarification: not a sale. Just a normal launch. And a pandemonium was unleashed.

The cheapest of these clothing items would be more than six thousand rupees.

Some strata of society seem to be doing well in these bleak times.

To segue a bit higher from the upper-middle-class: the kitty party aunties also seem to have upped their game, with two crore rupee (20 million) ‘committees’ at monthly instalments of ten lakhs (one million) rupees a month. Question: with that much to spare a month, what will they do with the two crores that they do get at their turn?