The “Counter-Strike” Mission


History of a killer

All praise be to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who set an unmatchable example of peace, benevolence, inter-faith harmony, humanity and affection. Praise be to his kindness with which he forgave the ones who victimized him, passed on a smile to the ones who hurt him, hugged with a holy grace the ones who conspired against him and embraced the ones who backstabbed him. Praise be to the last prophet (PBUH) whose dread had shaken the castles of Rome and Persia and whose gentleness compelled the heathens to convert to Islam. With a wounded heart and grieved soul, the bereaved of the martyrs and the beloveds of the injured bemoan the misery that has befallen upon the ummah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The followers of our own ancestors have tortured us badly. We, the followers of the prophet who set an example by treating the prisoners of war with kindness, have become the victims of such a cruel treatment by the follower of the Christ inside a mosque in New Zealand. This act of terrorism which apparently seems an outcome of some psychological disorder and termed as a mass shooting, is even worse in reality.

No matter how mentally upset and troubled the shooter is portrayed by the Western media, the reality is much more alarming. Australian-born Brenton Tarrant’s father, Rodney Tarrant, died of cancer in 2010. Brenton did not take interest in studies and, therefore, after completing his studies from school, started working as a trainer in a gym in New South Wales. He provided physical training to females and had intimate relations with many of them. The friends of Brenton who have been interviewed by the Western channels and took his side are mostly the ones who are either Christians or have been labeled as the ‘white family’ by Brenton. He did not hail from a well-off family and the greed to earn more took over him which is why he visited different regions, including Eastern Asia, Korea and Europe. His white friends consider him a decent and gentle trainer but his reality is well known to the ones outside the white community. Three hours after this tragic incident, I approached some of his friends on the social media.

The Western powers supported Brenton’s Counter-Strike mission, which has been executed, and the Western media has gained enough attention by adding to the misery of the Muslims

On the conditions of staying anonymous, they shared the ID and contact details of his ex-girlfriend who belongs to one of the Third World countries. According to the initial information provided by Brenton’s friends, this girl was an atheist who worked in a cafe in New South Wales. Two years ago Brenton went to this cafe and humiliated her Muslim friends and gave them life threats which led to a terrible fight between them.  Upon contacting this girl, it was revealed that Brenton was an ardent follower of Christianity and held very extremist views against Islam. She also mentioned the three primary interests that Brenton held which include befriending beautiful girls, playing Counter-Strike and abusing Muslims. He was quite fascinated with Charles Martin and Anton Ludden whom he frequently referred to as ‘my love’ and ‘the great’ respectively. He held the view that Muslims cannot even have half the money as is possessed by the Jews and the whites. Also, he used to advocate the Christians and Jewish claim over the resources and land under Muslim possession. The girl also mentioned that he was so addicted to Counter Strike that he used to say that he wants to kill Muslims just like the gunner in the game does.

His friends confirmed his addiction to Counter-Strike and stated that he used to play this game with them too. After watching the news of New Zealand mosque incident, his girlfriend had an idea that he would plan such an adventure.

This disclosure from Brenton’s old friend is not the end of the story, rather a lot of questions arise here. It cannot be denied that such a brutal act cannot be planned by a mentally unstable person alone. There are some powers who have used the anti-Muslim rage and hatred residing in Brent-n’s heart. The inscription of some specific names on Brenton’s gun and the fact that he knew that all this activity was being broadcasted clarify so many things. Anton Ludden is famous for killing the Immigrants of Peterson Sweden while Charles Martel was the general who defeated the Umayyad Caliphate in Spain. Rest of the people whose names were inscribed on the gun have their involvement in the mass murders of Muslims. Therefore, this alleged mission of Counterstrike can be understood as an act of terrorism that has not been planned in a day, rather anti-Muslim powers can be traced using Brenton as a front man in this attack. Soon after the attack, US President Donald Trump’s tweet of showing solidarity towards the people of New Zealand shows that the west’s hatred for Muslims cannot be normalized. The Australian Senator Church has accused the growing Muslim population in New Zealand for this incident. It seems as if the anti-Islam international powers are supporting this act of terrorism. The comments on the live stream video on social media website are heartwrenching and it seems as if the West has blown a war trumpet against Muslims.

The Western powers supported Brenton’s Counter-Strike mission, which has been executed, and the Western media has gained enough attention by adding to the misery of the Muslims. However, the proponents of this miserable act are not aware of the bitter reality that every action is succeeded by a reaction and they might undermine the intensity of an imminent counterstrike from Muslims. May Allah help the Muslims acquire patience and may the departed souls rest in peace.