Minor boy mauled to death by snow leopard in Galiyat


An eight-year-old boy, Sufiyan, was mauled to death by a snow leopard in Galiyat region of Abbottabad district, it emerged on Tuesday.

“Sufiyan, a resident of Chanati village in Namli Mira, was playing outside his home on Monday when he was attacked by the leopard,” a local media outlet confirmed while adding that the boy’s body was recovered late night from a nearby ravine.

Sardar Muhammad Iqbal, a local resident while talking to the media demanded the movement of leopards to be monitored by the wildlife department to prevent the loss of human lives and ensure that the animal does not go extinct in the country.

He noted that because the region had received an unprecedented amount of snowfall this winter, the big cat family had come down to the thickly populated areas of Galiyat where they were damaging properties and causing harm to the public and their animals.

Iqbal also urged for cameras to be installed in the area so that the lives of school going children and women remain safe.