PM assures homeless woman of provision of shelter on video call


Taking prompt notice of a video clip showing an elderly woman appealing to him for provision of a shelter in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday assured her of resolution of the issue.

The prime minister talked to Naseem Bibi on video call and assured her of provision of a shelter at a place of her choice, according to the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad.

“The Prime Minister of Pakistan has personally called the lady. She talked to him on video call. Directions have been received. MD Baitul Mal is on site and resolving all the issues Alhamdolillah,” tweeted the deputy commissioner.

PM Khan further assured the homeless woman that she won’t have to face more hardships. “I was saddened to see your video on social media,” he was quoted as having said.

Earlier, upon being approached by the authorities after her video began circulating on social media, the woman refused to go to a shelter home. She insisted that the government provide her a shelter close to the place where her husband is buried.

In a tweet, Ali Awan, Special Assistant to PM on CDA Affairs, said a citizen from Barakahu, Islamabad had spotted the woman. “I advised authorities to trace her. V find & meet her, she refused to be relocated to Panagah (shelter) so we will provide her basics and temporary shelter at the place of her choice.”