Five-in-one-minute: Pakistan remembers MM Alam on 6th death anniversary


Pakistan paid tribute to Pakistan Air Force (PAF) pilot and 1965 war hero Mohammad Mahmood Alam on his sixth death anniversary on Monday, who passed away on March 18, 2013.

MM Alam shot down five Indian Air Force (IAF) jets in one minute during the 1965 war, making a world record in shooting most jets in shortest time.

Paying tribute, one user wrote: “t’s the sixth death anniversary of the fighter ace and the pilot par excellence the National HERO Muhammad Mahmood Alam (MM Alam), who downed, dusted & flamed five military jets of the Indian Air Force in less than a minute – PAKISTAN SALUTES YOU .”

Another said: “The Man who did…!! .”

Remembering the hero, one user stated: Great nations never forget the sacrifices of its heroes. death Anniversary.”

Mentioning the history, another wrote: “Victory makes history.”

Calling MM Alam a role model, one said: “ of , world record holder, a role model for young blood, for Indians. ‘s 6th death anniversary.”

Remembering the eternal hero, one said: “The name that will remain in our hearts forever.”