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Mobile app developed to ensure safe journey on motorways, highways

ISLAMABAD: National Highway Authority (NHA) has taken an innovative initiative with the introduction of mobile App, which enables travellers to get information regarding road safety – fog, weather and traffic condition.

The basic purpose behind this move is to serve commuters and ensure safe journey on motorways and highways in the country, especially during foggy and smoggy conditions.

The application software is designed to aid travellers by timely notification of available scenarios, fed into the system by App Monitors of NH&MP and displayed on user dashboard through virtual bulletin boards.

The range of messages covers blockades, closures, diversion, fog, blind spots, black spots and congestions.

The authority, keeping in mind safe journey for commuters, has also ensured placement of traffic signs including warning signs, regulatory signs and information signs to warn and guide drivers of upcoming changes in roads, e.g. placement of chevrons on curves.

Official sources on Sunday said the placement of reflective Pavement Markings on centre lanes and road edges, placement of Cat Eyes along with Pavement Markings to make night driving safe and placement of Delineators and Angle reflectors on new Jersey Barrier were also assured to help drivers during foggy season and night time.

The sources said NHA has provided lighting in urban areas to increase safety during the foggy season while informatory boards, kilometre posts and gantry signboards were also placed which are helpful during driving in foggy smoggy season.

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