67-year-old Pakistani shot by NZ gunman remains in coma


WILLINGTON: Muhammad Amin Nasir, a 67-year-old Pakistani who was visiting his son in New Zealand, remains in an induced coma with critical injuries after a gunman shot bullets at him and his son on Friday. Nasir’s condition, however, is said to have stabilised as compared to earlier.

On Friday, Nasir and his son were just 200 metres away from the Masjid Al Noor mosque when everything went wrong.

The father-son duo had no idea that a white supremacist had just killed at least 41 people inside the mosque. He also targeted a second, smaller mosque in the suburb of Linwood, where seven more died. The remaining victims succumbed in hospital.

A car that had been driving by suddenly stopped and a man leaned out the window pointing a gun at them.

They ran as the bullets began to fly.

But at 67, Nasir could not keep up with his 35-year-old son. He fell behind by two or three fateful steps.

The gunman drove away.

A pool of blood poured from Nasir’s body.

Nasir regularly visited his son in New Zealand and was on the third week of a visit when he was shot.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal on Friday said Nasir was from Hafizabad. In a post on Twitter, he added that Nasir was in the intensive care unit (ICU) in critical condition.

There have been no subsequent updates on Nasir’s condition from the FO.

Dr Faisal on Sunday confirmed that three more Pakistanis — a son and his parents — died in the terrorist attacks on the two mosques, taking the total death toll of Pakistanis in the incident up to nine.

Also, on Sunday, New Zealand police announced the death toll from the racist attacks had risen to 50 as anguished relatives awaited authorities to release the remains of those who were killed in the massacres.