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4,000 houses in Naseerabad without electricity

NASEERABAD: About 4000 houses out of 5000 have been deprived of electricity in Naseerabad due to SEPCO’s unjustified power disconnection action.

The action was taken on the pretext of disconnecting illegal power connections and laying cables. Many people, who have paid their bills, have been put in darkness by removing LT wires. The social and business activities have badly been affected.

The SEPCO linemen are also taking a bribe of Rs 1200 for giving an illegal power connection, a citizen said. The children face problem in reading and writing due to darkness while household works have also been hit hard.

Qaumi Amami Tehreek (QAT) leaders and activists continued their protest and took out a rally here on Sunday against SEPCO.

The protesters, carrying placards and banners, marched through various roads of the town and chanted slogans against massive power outage in the town

The leaders said that citizens had been badly affected by power outage and inflated electric bills. They said that LT wires had gone missing in the pretext of laying cables.

They said that all burnt transformers should be rectified besides restoring disconnected power lines so that citizens take a sigh of relief. They said: “The electricity is the right of every citizen and it should be provided to everyone.”

They demanded of higher authorities to resolve the power outage issue so that citizens could take a sigh of relief.

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