NA speaker seeks legal aid for Pakistanis imprisoned in Malaysia


ISLAMABAD: National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser has asked his Malaysian counterpart for legal relief of Pakistani expatriates imprisoned in Malaysia.

In a letter written to Chairman House of Representatives of Malaysia Mohammad Arif Yusof, the Speaker National Assembly said that a large number of Pakistani expatriates were working in Malaysia, unfortunately, some of them are in prison owing to small crimes and most of them are not able to obtain legal counsel for addressing their cases.

He acknowledged that Pakistani diaspora in Malaysia formed the largest Pakistani expatriates’ community in South East Asia and they also made up the sixth largest group of foreign workers or nationals in Malaysia. Unluckily there is also a large number of a Pakistani expatriate imprisoned in Malaysia for petty offences, the Speaker added.

While referring the recent visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to Malaysia, the Speaker said that both brotherly countries needed to enhance bilateral cooperation and high-level coordination in all spheres.

He said that there was an agreement between the two sides to promote high-level bilateral exchanges and to collaborate with each other at an operational level.

The Speaker also expressed deep felicitation of the forthcoming visit of the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir bin Mohammad as Chief Guest on Pakistan Day Parade on 23rd March 2019.  He hoped the journey of mutual cooperation in the field of Education, Defence, health and trade will remain continued.

Asad Qaiser also expressed his resolve that being the custodian of the representative Houses, it is our mutual responsibility to enhance our government efforts to furthering these bilateral ties. In this context, the Speaker intends to formulate special parliamentary group in the National Assembly of Pakistan to foster coordination with House of Representative of Malaysia.

He wished for same response from Mohammad Arif Yusof Chairman House of Representative of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.