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Land record staff awaits service rules

–PLRA dysfunctional over govt negligence despite collection of Rs9bn revenue

–Lack of govt funds, incomplete staff limit land record body’s role

–PLRA DG says working with 65% staff, hopes issue will be resolved through meetings with finance dept

LAHORE: Despite collection of over Rs 9 billion revenue, the Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) remained unable to resolve the grievances of their staff while the absence of service rules, service structure and increments is causing an altercation between employees and management, Pakistan Today learnt reliably.

The authority was established in 2017 with an aim to increase the access to land records at lower transaction cost for the beneficiary, through a client-responsive service and increased the level of tenure security of land-right holders.

Due to the loyal and painstaking staff, the authority has been successful in meeting its targets. Within two years, 157 Arazi Record Centers have been able to provide their full-fledge services to the people by issuing fard for mutation and record. Almost 3,700 NADRA E-Sahulat Markaaz are also providing the same service to the people at their doorstep. During the last year from Jan-Dec 2018, almost 4 million fards have been issued and the revenue of more than Rs 9 billion has also been collected, inside sources revealed.

Sources added, “Despite giving all input to achieve the objectives of authority, the staff is still helpless. There are no service rules, service structure and increments in salaries for the staff. The authority is also facing delays in issuing funds from government side and incomplete staff. The government is still failed to activate the board of governors of authority. Due to lack of decision-making powers, most of the new policies and project of authority are facing delays.”

In a recent protest by the field staff of the PLRA, the management had ensured the staff that they would resolve their issues shortly, sources said, adding that regardless of the tall claims, the field staff is still waiting for the improvement in service structure, increments in salaries and regularisation of jobs.

“The non-resolved issues are creating a tense situation between staff and management whereas the regular strikes by field staff is also affecting the performance of authority. This issue needs the serious attention of government otherwise the dream to eliminate the patwari culture would not be fulfilled.”

While talking to Pakistan Today, PLRA Director General Aslam Rao said, “We have constituted a committee for the service structure of staff and some of our staff is also the member of that committee. The committee is working for the betterment of service structure.”

“The contract period of our staff was of one year which we are trying to extend on three years. We are also giving overtime for those who are working for extra hours. I personally think that increments should be given on performance base and I am also working on this. The regularisation of our staff might take some time but we are trying to secure the jobs of our staff. The board of governance will reconstitute within a week. We are working with 65% staff and also facing some issues in releasing funds. I have had several meeting with finance department and hope fully this issue will also resolve shortly,” Rao concluded.

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