False testimonies raise questions over courts credibility: CJP


Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Asif Saeed Khosa remarked on Tuesday that people raise questions on the performance of courts after the accused are acquitted on the basis of false testimonies.

During the hearing of a case regarding false testimony in Supreme Court, the chief justice remarked that the particular case was facing the same problem as other cases. “Despite knowing that God is hearing everything, witnesses give false testimony,” he said.

The top judge continued, “Accused are acquitted owing to false testimonies and then it is said that the court has acquitted them. Questions are raised as to why the court acquitted them.”

“If the evidence and testimony are false, how can the court award a sentence,” he asked.

Earlier, the top judge had announced that the court will be taking strict action against those who give false testimony. He had added that if any part of the testimony was found out to be false, the entire testimony would be disregarded.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had supported CJP’s statement on punishing those who give false testimony and linked it with his vision of Naya Pakistan.

“Journey towards truth is a journey towards Naya Pakistan,” the prime minster tweeted. “Nations become great because they have a higher value system. Muslim civilisation’s foundation was State of Medina with truthfulness as the core value.”