Bill seeking ban on alcohol rejected, termed publicity stunt


The National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee on Law and Justice on Tuesday rejected the constitutional amendment bill seeking a complete ban on consumption of alcohol in the country.

The bill which was proposed by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Hindu lawmaker Dr Ramesh Kumar to amend Article 37 of the Constitution which permits the consumption of alcohol for minorities in the country was called out for being a publicity stunt.

Dr Ramesh had demanded to outlaw the trade licence of alcohol for the Hindu community stating that “it is against the teachings of Hinduism”.

MNA Shunila Ruth, belonging to the Christian community, also favoured the ban with the same argument that God has prohibited Christians from drinking alcohol.

However, MNA Malik Farooq Azam urged the lawmakers to not try to gain media hype and publicity by instigating someone until it becomes an issue.

“If the bill is passed, it would result in humiliation for the whole country across the world,” said lawmaker Bashir Virk.