Pakistan examining Indian dossier, will respond soon


–Enough signals to suggest Pakistan, India tensions de-escalating

–Official says no information on whether Pakistan captured Israeli pilot


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is examining the Indian dossier on Pulwama incident and will respond to it “very soon”, according to senior officials who added that tensions between the two nuclear-armed neighbours are de-escalating.

“De-escalation with India looks imminent and there is no room for further aggression. We have sent our High Commissioner to New Delhi and Indian High Commissioner has also arrived in Islamabad. Kartarpur talks in two days would further stabilize the situation. We have received enough signals to suggest that normalization process has started,” an official source told Pakistan Today here on Monday.

The development comes on heels of a contact between US National Security Adviser Ambassador John Bolton and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on telephone the same day.

Meanwhile, the source said that dialogue on Kartarpur border opening is a major breakthrough and it reflects situation has been defused whereas normal channels for talks have been opened.

“This is the biggest opening. This also reflects diplomatic breakthrough. Further escalation won’t help Modi’s cause,” the source said and added that if India would raise the escalation ladder, it would not only have to pay its cost but also it would find Pakistan ready for any eventuality.

“Actually, Indian prime minister made an effort to escalate the situation just to win elections but it backfired. Throughout our crisis, Pakistan stood as one nation and whether it was our armed forces or politicians, all stood united,” the official said.

Asked what was the takeaway out of the crisis situation, the official said the mature and measured role played by Pakistani media held significance.

“The performance of Pakistani media was the biggest source of our strength. The way media reacted was significant. It helped us defeat the web of falsehood Indian media tried to weave,” the official said.

The official said Pakistan had defeated India on all fronts including diplomacy and taking initiatives.

“From returning Indian pilot to returning our High Commissioner, we have taken lead on all fronts while India had to reciprocate. We also took lead on Kartarpur dialogue. This reflects Pakistan’s commitment towards peace,” the official added.

The official said Pakistan took a unilateral decision to send back its high commissioner to New Delhi which forced India to send back its high commissioner to Islamabad.

“This also proves our foreign policy is not reactive and rather it is proactive”.

Asked to comment on the action against proscribed organisations, the official said it was a considered decision that non-state actors would no more be tolerated.

“Non-state actors would have no future in Pakistan. The madrassas and other installations taken over would be run by the government itself now,” the official said and added that a proper policy is being devised in this regard.

When asked whether Pakistan had arrested any Israeli pilot, the official said he was unaware of any such development.

“Frankly, not to my knowledge. I have no such information,” the official said.