Vawda offers help for homeless people of NA-249 in letter to Sindh CM


Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda on Saturday wrote a letter to Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, offering his support in resolving problems faced by the people of NA-249, Baldia, a local news outlet reported.

In a letter addressed to CM Shah, Vawda said people of the constituency were deprived of basic facilities like clean drinking water, health and education.

“I am ready to cooperate with the provincial government for provision of better health facilities to the constituency. During my recent visit to Baldia, certain pressing issues mostly related to the deplorable condition of education and health facilities in the area were brought to fore by the general public,” he wrote int he letter.

“I feel obligatory to step in so as to assist and give some respite to the people of Baldia. Barring the so-called financial constraints/lack of resolve by the provincial government; I want to extend my assistance by adopting certain facilities in terms of their renovation and day to day expenses and associated functions so as to renovate them effectively. This includes certain schools. dispensaries and RO plants/water pumps of which all expenses including schools uniforms, schools fees of kids,” he added.

The minister mentioned that neither the provincial government nor the federal government would need to pay for the expenses. “I will do them from my own,” he said.

He urged the chief minister to mobilise available resources to resolve problems of the people and allow him to play a role in this regard.