Abhinandan ‘randomly’ circling over National Stadium in hopes of being caught, catching couple of PSL games  


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

In the latest twist in the on going Pakistan-India standoff, Indian Air Force pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman has once again been found in Pakistani air space, this time in the south of the country as he circled over National Stadium Karachi in his Mig 21, hoping to catch a glimpse of the ongoing PSL game.

Wing Commander Abhinandan’s aircraft was spotted in Karachi on Saturday around 6 50 PM – 10 minutes before the first match of PSL’s Pakistan was set to kick off.

“Oh hi guys, didn’t think you’d see me. Guess I got caught, Again. Oops” Abhinandan radioed down to air controllers

“But now that you have me in clear sight and violation of international law, guess you’re just going to have to take the plane down and arrest me again” he said.

“As you know, I’m not picky about accommodations, maybe you can just tie me up on a chair in the stadium for the first four hours or so of my detention. And maybe this time I can stay in Karachi. And, I dunno, maybe until like after the final?” he suggested.

Seeing that Abhinandan was just another one of the many people trying to get free tickets for the PSL, Pakistan decided to ignore him until he went away.

“Oh come on guys, don’t be like that. I thought I meant something to you” he said upon realising he was being given the cold shoulder. “It’s Lahore guys I can’t miss this match that’s my team!”

The Wing Commander continued to hover over the stadium, closing his plane in to try and sneak a look every time something interesting seemed to happen, but had to leave back for India after the first innings when his fuel was running out.