WASA staff closes sewerage lines in Hyderabad against non-payment of salaries


HYDERABAD: The employees of Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) in a protest against non-payment of six months salaries closed sewerage lines in the city on Wednesday, causing trouble to citizens.

They also staged a demonstration at Tulsi Das Pumping Station, pressing the authorities to pay their salaries immediately. They also chanted slogans against the authorities who are not paying them their due salaries.

After being dejected over non-payment of salaries of six months in this price hike era, the Wasa employees closed sewerage lines in Qasimabad, Latifabad and other areas of the city. The employees did not get salaries due to which their families were in serious financial crisis.

The protesting employees said that their families were facing starvation-like situation due to non-payment of the salaries. They appealed to the city administration and other government authorities to play their due role and pay their all outstanding salaries so that they could take a sigh of relief from the financial crisis.

They said that if they were not paid their salaries within 48 hours, they would widen the scope of the protest and stop the supply of water to the citizens the responsibility of which will lie on the government.