UET girls to be allowed to wear jeans if matched with Jamaat-ut-Dawa tops


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

LAHORE – Following the social media backlash on the ban on jeans and enforcement of specific dress codes for its female students, the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) has made certain concessions, The Dependent has learnt.

In a recent directive, the UET administration has issued a new code, according to which, female students would be allowed to wear jeans if they are matches with Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) shirts.

According to the new dress code, wearing a pair of jeans or capri pants will not be sanctioned if the top that goes with has some emblem of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, or any group affiliated with Hafiz Saeed.

“It could be any group affiliated with Professor Hafiz Mohammed Saeed – Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation or even the more recent Milli Muslim League and Allah-o-Akbar Tehreek,” a UET admin officer told The Dependent.

“This is our way of reinstating our traditional religious values among the students, especially the girls who always need it more than the boys, but also our way of paying tribute to Professor Hafiz Mohammed Saeed.

“Professor Hafiz Mohamme Saeed has not only been one of the most significant faculty members of our esteemed university but has been synonymous with those religious values that we and many like us want to uphold in our country.”

The directive, a copy of which is available with The Dependent, underlines that those female students who wear JuD or affiliated emblems along with abayas and hijabs will be given an A+ in their semester ending viva voce.

Sources further revealed that those students who voted for candidates of the Allah-o-Akbar Tehreek or have been involved in political work for any organisation affiliated with Hafiz Saeed, will be given a 10% hike on their current GPAs.