PM backs CJP Khosa’s crackdown on false testimonies


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said that he welcomes Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Asif Saeed Khosa’s crackdown on false testimonies and punishment for those who give false testimonies in court.

“’Journey towards truth’ is a journey towards Naya Pakistan. Nations become great because they have a higher value system. Muslim civilization’s foundation was the State of Medina with truthfulness as its core value,” he said.

On Monday, the CJP said that the top court is starting a “journey towards truth” from today, which will entail stern action against those found to be guilty of having given false testimony in court cases.

The statement was made while the chief justice dismissed a murder case after it was found out that it was based on a false testimony given by a police officer.

“All those who have given testimonies, beware. We are starting a journey towards truth from today — March 4,” the chief justice said. “If any part of any testimony is found to be false, the whole of it [the testimony] will be disregarded,” he warned.

“People who lie in testimonies have ruined the [judicial] system,” he remarked.

It merits mentioning that Justice Khosa had had a stern stance towards the practice of false testimonies even before he assumed power last January. He had repeatedly said that all judges who handed sentences on false testimonies would be held accountable.

“False witnesses will soon be behind bars and the entire system will be back on the right track as soon as a couple of perjurers are sentenced to life in prison,” he had said while hinting at reforms in the criminal justice system.