Pakistan wants to de-escalate tension with India, says envoy to US


WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Dr Asad Majeed Khan Tuesday asserted that Islamabad wants to de-escalate tensions with its neighbour India.

While addressing a diplomatic gathering in Washington, Khan said that Pakistan wants to resolve all the issues peacefully through dialogue.

Khan, who has recently replaced Ali Jehangir Siddiqui, observed that “the worst [security crisis] has passed”.

Khan also called-for India to take measures to avoid further escalation and hoped that “despite domestic issues, New Delhi will act sanely”.

Referring towards the causalities in counter-airstrike by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), he said that “we downed two of Indian warplanes that had violated our airspace”. He also urged the international community to take notice of Indian hostility.

The seasoned diplomat also stressed the importance of the resolution of the Kashmir issue and asserted that “it has to be resolved to achieve long-term stability in the region”.