Irresponsible statements


We should not adopt the Indian way

As the situation has started to somewhat cool down after reaching boiling point it should not escape anyone how close two nuclear armed states came to an all-out war. While there is no doubt that Imran Khan in close coordination with the armed forces put forth and implemented a nuanced, mature and well thought out strategy the same cannot be said about some other parliamentarians. Just after the Balakot strike, leader of the opposition Shehbaz Sharif showed little restraint warning India that ‘Pakistan would hoist its flag in Delhi’ if the latter initiated war. Although he cut a more reserved figure in the joint parliamentary that followed his statement did no favors to Pakistan during a time that required better judgment. Remarks from politicians from the PM’s own camp were not much different with Ali Muhammad Khan and Sheikh Rasheed jumping on board the jingoism bandwagon.

Then there is PPP Senator Sherry Rehman who has questioned the haste with which captured Indian pilot Abhinandan Vartham was released. The way in which he was rescued by army personnel from a charged mob when he touched ground, kept in a respectable dignified manner by the Pakistan army and his timely release has all been lauded domestically and internationally save for India due to obvious reasons. Senator Rehman’s criticism of the government’s correct and timely decision is problematic as it erodes our moral high ground. Off the cuff irresponsible statements from parliamentarians on both sides of the aisle provide much needed ammo to a hate spewing off the rails Indian media and a hostile Modi government ready to whip up an extreme brand of war hysteria against Pakistan to somehow secure an electoral victory. What’s more if this is left unchecked it will start permeating the political discourse here, become the norm and soon we will start resembling India in that respect.