Sindh culture dept forgets ailing poet of Sindh; family in trouble


LARKANA: Noted Sindhi poet and writer Shaikh Farazi is ill since last six months, but the provincial culture and tourism department is unaware of his ailment due to which he is facing serious hardships in day today’s life.

He has written 10 books but now he has lost his eyesight. The writers and poets of Larkana, including Musawir Bughio, Saleh Abbasi, Badar Ansari, Dr. Abdul Khaliq Abbasi, Mahtab Abbasi and Abdul Fatah Abbasi have appealed to the Sindh government and Larkana district administration to look after the aged poet and get him treated at any reputed hospital in Karachi so that he may be able to write more for the people of Sindh.

They said he had been confined to bed now as he is unable to bear the costs of medical treatment. They said that since 2000, Farazi has written many stories and poems in Sindhi and Urdu while his books have also been acknowledged.

They said his four books had been widely appreciated by the readers and his fifth book is at final stage and had been delayed due to poverty which would soon reach the market with the help of his well-wishers and friends.

While talking to newsmen here on Saturday, Farazi said he had also written columns for various newspapers highlighting current political and social issues. He said he had four kids, eldest being 16 years Sanaullah and youngest two-year Sumera.

He said he himself had now become an story because he was unable to get himself treated due to high treatment costs. He said: “I am  even unable to get his children educated and his son Sanaullah is the only source of earning livelihood for supporting his poverty-stricken family now.”