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India’s BJP behind Pulwama attack, claims former party worker

A former party worker of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was behind the Pulwama attack.

In a video which has gone viral, Avi Dandiya plays an audio recording allegedly of two BJP leaders and a woman. The three are heard discussing war and how it is necessary for the elections.

“There won’t be war just because you are saying it Amit Ji,” the woman says in the recording. “How will you cause war without a reason,” she adds.

“The nation is very emotional on the issue of soldiers, this is where the situation needs to be worsened,” an alleged BJP leader responds.


The woman asks, “Do you want to martyr soldiers? Nothing will happen with one of two. We did Uri and nothing happened.”

“Our politics is based on the security of forces,” responds an alleged BJP leader.

The woman then tells them about targeting Indian paramilitary forces in occupied Kashmir. “If I don’t do it someone else will. If you want a bomb blast, there will be a bomb blast. What you want will be done,” she says.

The woman questions why this is being done and the impact it would have on the family of the soldiers, to which the alleged BJP leader says there is no other way.

“There are many other ways Amit ji…I don’t understand getting soldiers killed. I don’t understand this but if you want we will get the blast done. 50-100 soldiers will be killed. Soldiers join the army to be martyred, but by the enemy. What can anyone do if you are the enemy of the soldiers,” the woman says.

“It will happen like this. How can we change it” the alleged BJP leader responds.

“I don’t want to argue with you. We will do the work, you send the money. After doing the work on 12-13 February I will call you. Send the money,” the woman says.

Prior to the call ending, the alleged BJP leader tells the woman he will let her know.

There has been no response from the BJP or the Indian government on this video.

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