MoFA asked to examine permanent absorption of deputationist


ISLAMABAD: The Establishment Division (ED) has advised Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) to examine permanent absorption of a deputationist in the Foreign Office.

According to documents, the ED in a letter to MoFA advised that the appointment authority may examine and decide the matter of permanent absorption of a deputationist in light of specific provisions of recruitment rules of the post concerned, adding that the Supreme Court judgement in this regard should also be considered.

The legal framework for the promotion, transfer and its procedure to civil posts under the federal government has been laid down under the Civil Servants Act of 1973, the documents state, adding that in view of section-5, the appointment to civil posts under the federal government is required to be made by the respective appointing authority in the prescribed manner. Moreover, under rule 6 of the civil servant rules, authorities competent to make appointments to different posts have been prescribed, it was argued.

The documents say that in addition to this, under rule 7, promotions and transfers in basic pay scales 2 to 18 and equivalent shall be made on the recommendation of the appropriate departmental promotion committee and promotions and transfer to posts in basic pay scales 19 to 21 and equivalent shall be made on the recommendation of the selection board.

According to rule 9 of the act, appointment by transfer shall be made on a regular basis in the same basic pay scale in which the posts are to be filled exists.

The specific method of appointment to a post is laid down in the recruitment rules framed with the concurrence of ED/FPSC. The posts reserved under the said recruitment rules for promotion and the initial appointment cannot be filled through appointment by transfer, except as provided in a general provision in the recruitment rules that failing promotion the post shall be filled by initial appointment and failing that by transfer.

The ED a few months back on the instruction of court had formed a committee to solve the deputationist matter but the matter is still in limbo.

The ED on Thursday also repatriated a number of deputationists to different departments.

Office Management Group (OMG) BS-18 officers Samaira Muneeb, Muhammad Amin, Shakila Begam, Hamid Karim, Asad Ali, Aamir Habib Abbasi, Askar Khan, Engr Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti and Asad Ishaque have been posted to different federal departments.

Documents further show that BS-17 and 18 OMG officers Mushtaq Ahmed, Alia Asad, Ali Qasim, Asada Ali Chaudhary, Aftab Ahmed Khan, Nadeem Arshad, Asadullah and Kausar Ali Khan got new assignments in the federal departments.

Muhammad Humair Karim, BS-20 PAS officer, was transferred to the Planning Commission, Qazi Zaheer Ahmed, BS-20 officer of Secretariat Group, to Industry and Production, and Amjad Ahmed, a BS-19 officer of Secretariat Group, to the Privatisation Division.

Besides this, Ahmad Hasan was placed at the disposal of the Punjab government for further posting in Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) for a period of three years under deputation basis.