#KhaanaTohBahanaHai: Kashmir Cooking Oil captures Pakistan’s love for food in new TVC


Kashmir Cooking Oil & Banaspati’s recent TV campaign starring singer, model, and actor Ali Zafar with the gorgeous Maya Ali beautifully represents the company’s growing popularity and Pakistan’s relationship with food.

‘Khaana toh bahana hai’ is the main theme behind the new campaign. The TVC shows different scenarios with people facing day-to-day issues in life and relationships being comforted through food made with Kashmir’s products.

The TVC has amassed more than 3.4 million views in just a month on Facebook, and millions more on other social media platforms.

Through this new communication campaign, Kashmir as a ‘brand of generations’ has not only successfully highlighted the real emotional flavor of life but has also strengthened its place as the essential cooking companion which uses food as a meaningful excuse to create special moments.


The TVC starred everyone’s favorite superstar Ali Zafar and the gorgeous Maya Ali. Ali Zafar is shown to be the modern day husband who is an amateur home-cook as well, trying to bring Maya Ali – a young, ambitious housewife, back home using food and cooking to express his feelings. The concept beautifully captures the relationship dynamics of a young couple and how food is the ultimate tie that brings everyone together.

Not only this, a series of out-of-home (OOH) executions including billboards, streamers as well as print and radio ads with little stories of people using food as an excuse to ease their way through life have ensured the company’s goal to reach out and cement its place in the hearts of consumers.

One of the most important and notable factor in the TVC is how the husband is cooking as opposed to showing how women only ‘belong’ in the kitchen. Moreover, he’s also seen researching as to what he has to cook and tries to do the best he can to bring his wife home.

The campaign, makes a strong effort to rebalance the relationship and stereotypes attached to both genders. Pakistan’s young and progressive population will most likely resonate with the idea, and perhaps, garner brand loyalty for the Kashmir products.

As a brand that has been an integral part of the Pakistani household since 1962, Kashmir has been a proud pioneer in providing the absolute best products enriched with micro-nutrients (Vitamin A and D). The portfolio houses three key variants: Banaspati, Premium Gold and Canola Oil.

We wonder how competitors such as Dalda, Sufi, and Mezan will respond to this well thought out campaign.