SHC expresses displeasure at police officers in missing persons’ cases


KARACHI: Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday heard multiple petitions pertaining to recovery of more than 60 missing persons. The court expressed its anger over the performance of police for lack of progress in tracing the whereabouts of missing persons.

A two-member bench of the SHC, headed by Justice Naimtullah Phulputo, heard the petitions and expressed annoyance at police for not recovering the missing citizenry. The bench directed the department concerned to take effective measurements to trace the missing citizens. The bench also instructed the police to get help from other provinces and directed the police to review the travel history of the missing citizens.

The brother of missing Saeed Muhammad Asif told the court that his brother had been missing for four years. He stated that despite the formation of 10 joint investigation teams (JITs), there was no information about his brother.

Family members of Muhammad Shahid, who is said to be Lyari syndicate member, appealed to the court to recover their beloved ones. The police told the court that the accused was proclaimed offender in three cases registered at Baghdadi Police Station.

“When we conducted a raid to arrest the accused Muhammad Shahid, we were informed that he is missing since 2015,” the police said.

Another petitioner stated that Muhammad Youis disappeared in 2015 from a factory where he was working.

“Even JITs were formed in four years but my brother was not recovered,” he told the court.

All families requested the court to recover their missing relatives. The court assured them and remarked that it was making efforts for the recovery of missing men. The bench adjourned the hearing by seeking an updated report pertaining to the recovery of missing men.

However, the same bench also heard the petition regarding the recovery of two siblings. Hussun Bano, the mother of two sons, Hanif, who is missing since four years and Suhail, who is missing since 4 months, went emotional during the hearing and stated that there was no any other door where she could raise her voice.

She stated: “Being a mother, I am in trauma. I request the court to recover both my children. Justice Naimtullah Phulputo directed the police to take every possible effort to recover both men.

“The negligence of police and other law enforcement agencies is going out of tolerance,” Justice Phulputo remarked

The bench sought a reply from the home department, IGP Sindh, DG Rangers and others regarding the recovery of both men.