#SayNoToWar trending on top in India after Pakistan shoots down two jets


After Pakistan Air Force (PAF) shot down two Indian fighter jets on Wednesday and video of arrested Indian pilot Wing Commander Abhi Nandan went viral on the social media, hashtag #SayNoToWar has become the top trend in India.

A large number of people in India and Pakistan have denounced the military standoff between the two countries.

One Indian user wrote: “No politician ever dies in a war, they only create it. It’s always the innocent civilians and military jawans that suffer and die. We demand .”

Indian writer Nikhil Taneja wrote: “o those baying for revenge and blood, I’m sure you’ve seen videos of Wing Commander Abhindan in captivity. This is the cost or war. ‘Countries’ don’t get affected by war. Human beings do. For a country to ‘win’, human lives can be lost. Pray for peace, please. .”

Another Indian wrote: “Yesterday, I started a hashtag and I so happy to know that is trending. I am thankful who took this little effort forward. We are together in this.

Another Indian wrote: “Appalled at the war-mongerers in our midst, especially on social media and the television media. If you so badly want to taste blood, sign up for the armed forces. I don’t want my sisters and brothers in the armed forces dying just because of your clueless rants

Appealing to Pakistan government and armed forces, one Indian wrote: “Ohhh dear, Treat him with respect and dignity. Pls Don’t humiliate, he is a proud solder Not animal… .”

Criticising Indian media, one wrote: “ear Indian news anchors, Please take a good look of what you have done. Take a good bloody look. I hope you have the courage to face his father and mother now. I say courage because you have no shame. This is your doing. We will remember it. We all will. .”

Sharing the sentiments, Pakistani singer and actor Farhan Saeed wrote: “ trends no 1 in India, clearly shows that even Indian public is not ready to play in hands of Modi who is just trying to run his dirty election campaign at the cost of it’s nation’s blood.”

Actress Nadia Jamil wrote: “Truth is war is not just a wrestling match of pinning each other down. People will die. Families will continue to suffer. India and Pakistan need to see each other as equals & respect that we will end up killing soldiers not empowering our poor masses. .”

Actor Faysal Qureshi wrote: “My ‘s short and perfact speech ..proud to have you sir …yes now the ball in your court . …warna subha jo howa woh sirf teaser tha …”

Singer Haroon wrote: “Those who celebrate war will not participate in the war, those who participate in the war, will never celebrate war.”