Painting exhibition held to highlight Indian atrocities in IoK


A painting exhibition was held in the federal capital to expose the real face of Indian brutal government before the world as how Indian forces have been killing, maiming and torturing Kashmiris for the last seventy years.

The exhibition titled “Paintings of Freedom, Paintings of Peace”, was arranged by Peace and Culture Organisation to pay tribute to the Freedom Struggle of Kashmiris and throws light on how through rape and pellet guns have been used as an instrument of war in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK).

Speaking on the occasion, Mushaal Hussain Mallick, Chairperson of Pakistan Peace and Culture Organisation, said that India has acted as an irresponsible terrorist state and the exhibition was arranged to showcase a wide array of photographs that shed light on the plight of innocent Kashmiris, particularly pellet gun victims including women and children who suffered from injuries at the hands of Indian security forces. Former prime minister of Norway Mr Bondevik graced the occasion as a chief guest.

She said that the Kashmiris are peace-loving people and wanted resolution of the decades-long despite through table talk; however, if India continued with its tactics to press the voices of Kashmiris freedom fighters through use of its mighty, she warned, that such tactics would serve no purpose rather it would further complicate the situation.

Coming down hard on Indian Occupied Forces for the fresh wave of atrocities in Indian Occupied valley in the wake of Pulwama attack, Mushaal said that Indian government should bear in mind that its warmongering hysteria could destabilise the whole world.

The chairperson said that Indian forces have been committing genocide in occupied Jammu and Kashmir; however, no action has been taken by the world community to rein in the unbridled Indian brutal forces.

She called upon the international community to wake up to massive human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir.

She said that an alarming surge has been witnessed in Indian forces attacks on the innocent Kashmiris after the Palwama attack, as students are being beaten and fanatic Hindus are attacking Kashmiris business and looting their properties.

Mushaal said that they started massive crackdown on leaders in the IoK and arrested Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman Yasin Malik along with other Kashmiri leaders, which is condemnable.

She said that such “illegal and coercive measures” against Kashmiris were “futile and would serve no purpose” rather such tactics would only worsen the situation.

She said that the Indian government is giving threat to Pakistan to stop water flowing from India so as to convert Pakistan into a desert, adding that if water is diverted towards IOK, it would submerge the whole occupied valley.

Mushaal warned that if India resorted to such extreme step, it would not only badly affect the Kashmiri people, but it could also trigger a war between the two nuclear countries; hence the UN and the world powers should pay heed to the fast-deteriorating situation before it is too late.

She demanded that since Kashmir dispute is the actual bone of contention; hence the UN should resolve the long-pending issues according to the UN resolutions.

“Kashmiris want independence from India; therefore, the UN should play role in this regard to save the continent from war, because if war will happen, there would be no peace in whole world,” she warned.