Obsession with Sharifs driving PM Khan to insanity, says Marriyum


–Rejects rumours of Nawaz refusing angiography

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) central spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb on Friday said that every court decision vindicating the Sharifs was pushing khan closer to completely losing his mind.

Marriyum said that the state of panic, frustration and obsession with PML-N leaders was once again evident today as he proved that he did not deserve to be even selected as the prime minister and his true place was still on top of a container.

Marriyum said that the “selected prime minister” was struggling to come out of the shadow of Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif while delivering a speech standing in front of a project started by PML-N.

“Imran Khan needs to understand that to compete with Nawaz Sharif, one needs to learn to be honest with the people of Pakistan and secondly one needs to be actually elected by the people of Pakistan. The selected prime minister who preaches to his cabinet to lie blatantly through their teeth every hour of every day, cannot compete with Nawaz Sharif,” Marriyum said.

The prime minister, she said, can rant his lies all he wants. His panic and frustration over the failure of his “evil plan of robbing the people’s mandate and their true leadership through fake cases” is falling apart.

“You can try any distraction ploy but that would not stop the people of Pakistan from asking, how and why was the rupee devaluated by 35 per cent; they will not stop questioning why did the trade-deficit not reduce despite this devaluation; how many billions were added to the national foreign debt every day; how did inflation double overnight; why is not the electricity capacity installed by Nawaz Sharif not being transmitted to the people because of your incompetence. The true representative of the people of Pakistan, the opposition, will keep on asking when will you tweet about the 10 million jobs and five million houses for the poor,” Marriyum said.


Marriyum said that the federal government is an obstacle in the path for Nawaz’s appropriate treatment.

She said that PM Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government will be responsible if anything happens to the former premier.

Marriyum complained that inadequate facilities were being provided to the incarcerated prime minister who has been admitted in Jinnah hospital of Lahore for the past eight days.

“The government has been delaying [shifting Nawaz to a proper medical facility] for several weeks and months. What do they want to prove? Each moment is very significant for someone who is going through heart ailment,” said Marriyum.

Moreover, while speaking over talks of Nawaz Sharif refusing to conduct angiography, the PML-N spokesperson said that all such talks are nothing but rumours. She pronounced that PML-N supremo is ready for an angiography.