Your mamoon’s son Kamran seen playing cricket in UAE after being released by Saudi Arabia 


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

DUBAI/SHARJAH – Social media has been doing wonders since its advent. It has sparked revolutions and political uprisings in the Middle East, challenged VIP cultures, and discovered hidden treasures. One such example is the release of your mamoon’s son Kamran who was imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for years.

Activists with different identities but the same message campaigned on Facebook for his release.

Speaking to this scribe, Kamran thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan for his release. “I thought I have lost everything and would never be able to come back,” he said.

Kamran went to Saudi Arabia in search of work when he lost his job in Pakistan. Saudi authorities arrested him in Riyadh when he was driving a car in burqa. He revealed to our correspondent that he didn’t have the driving-license so he thought he could get away in burqa. But he didn’t know that women were not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia back then.

He was booked under two cases: (i) reckless and poor driving, and (ii) damaging public environment.

Kamran informed that his younger brother Umar, your mamoon’s other son, was also imprisoned with him who also got released and is currently in Quetta. Umar was charged for uploading obscene pictures on his personal social media account.

Both brothers are extremely indebted to immense efforts done by the Pakistani Ambassador in Riyadh.

Kamran and Umar are currently spending their time playing cricket in the UAE. But they are expected to land in Pakistan early next month.