PML-N says nation united to confront country’s enemies


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb said on Tuesday that the entire nation was on the same page to defend the country come what may.

“There should not be an inkling of doubt that Pakistan is not united for the defence of the ideological and physical sovereignty of the country,” she said, adding that any adventurism by India would be met with a befitting response.

Marriyum said India was inflicting irreparable damage to regional stability and peace for its momentary political gains ahead of general elections.

Condemning India’s jingoistic rhetoric that is flaring up tensions in the region following the Pulwama attack, she said that India followed a pattern of blame-game against Pakistan before every elections to galvanise its Hindu hardliner vote-bank.

The former information minister also said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not exhibiting any wisdom by jeopardising regional peace for domestic political gains.

“War is in no manner in the interests of the people of South East Asia,” she said and warned New Delhi against the devastating regional and international consequences of such war-mongering.

Meanwhile, PML-N stalwart Ahsan Iqbal said India should be under no delusion, as if it tried any misadventure against Pakistan, it will find a united and resolute nation to confront.

“Pakistan believes in peace but has the strongest resolve to defend itself,” he tweeted.

The former interior minister added that instead of addressing grievances of the Kashmiris, the Indian government’s deflection of Kashmir issue towards Pakistan was poor politics and a failed policy.