Six fake clinics sealed in Barakahu


ISLAMABAD: In a bid to discourage unqualified medical practitioners in the federal capital, the district health department of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) on Monday sealed six fake clinics and registered cases against concerned persons.

As per the details, Drug Inspector Sardar Shabbir Ahmed conducted raids on various fake clinics operating in Barakahu following complaints received from locals.

He said that fake treatment centres including Bilal Awan clinic, Shifa clinic, Falak clinic, Chohan clinic, Sajjad clinic and Ibrahim Homeo clinic were sealed and the record has been called for further inspection.

He informed that all the clinics were using substandard drugs and were involved using open ampoules, a small sealed glass capsule containing a liquid, by injecting non-sterile injections to patients.

They were also keeping and selling a huge quantity of allopathic drugs without any license, while Falak Clinic was run by an unqualified ordinary woman who possed herself as a real doctor.

These quacks, having no qualification, established their clinics in different areas of Islamabad and were playing with the health of innocent people and their only objective was to mint money.

Besides that, residents have expressed concern over the weak health infrastructure in rural areas, saying many homeopathic doctors have also started cheating people due to the absence of doctors in rural health centers and basic health units.

A resident Muhammad Anees said there were many who hold the degree of homoeopathy but are giving patients allopathic medicines, claiming to be allopathic doctors.

“I took my ill mother to a homoeopathic doctor who runs his clinic as an allopathic consultant after which she became even sicker,” said Sadia Babar, a resident of G-13.

‘’Later, I took my mother to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) hospital where doctors told us that wrong medication had damaged both her kidneys,” she added.

Raja Waheed, another resident of G-11 said that he had once felt pain in his chest and visited the nearest clinic where a doctor charged quite a low fee. “I started feeling better immediately as he injected a painkiller, but after that, I became accustomed to painkillers which ultimately turned me into a patient of high blood pressure, ” he said.

Dr Ammara, a medical practitioner said that quackery is one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in the country while unsterilised medical instruments used in checkup processes are the main reason behind the spread of Hepatitis C.

She claimed that quacks run their clinics in underdeveloped areas, and used antibiotics and painkillers to give instant relief to patients against a petty amount to making a fool of people.

When contacted, an official of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) said that the council has been running countrywide campaigns to stop illegal and unlicensed medical practices.

“PMDC would continue its efforts to eliminate the menace of quackery which is playing havoc with the lives of the poor patients,” he added.