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PSL T-shirts selling like hot cakes as cricket fever grips nation

ISLAMABAD: As the Pakistan Super League (PSL) action kicks off from tonight, team shirts are selling like hot cakes and cricket fever has gripped the young and the old alike.

PSL for cricket lovers is more than just a tournament; it’s a household celebration as families and friends flock in front of the TV to watch their favourite teams and players in action.

According to shop owners, T-shirts are selling fast among young people and more stock is being ordered as the current stocks are running low due to the high demand.

“We all want to watch the matches [here] together,” said a young man named Hassan Javed. “My friends and I are super excited! I’m a huge fan of cricket, but I’ve never watched a match in the stadium. We friends are all wearing our favourite teams’ T-shirts.”

PSL T-shirts can be bought through online platforms anywhere in Pakistan, said an online retailer.

“The demand for PSL T-shirts is pretty high. Now with the start of the matches we hope to do brisk business in the coming days,” said another online retailer, Musa Shafi.

“The people of Pakistan love cricket more than anything and every season they wear PSL T-shirts just to support their teams,” said Zainab Qayuum, a supporter of Lahore Qalandars.

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