PSL breeding ground for future prime ministers: Ehsan Mani


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

DUBAI – The fourth Pakistan Super League (PSL) will provide the breeding ground for future prime ministers of the country, Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Ehsan Mani said following the opening ceremony of the PSL on Thursday.

Talking to the media, Mani said that cricket is not merely a support in Pakistan, or indeed religion, it is a qualification in politics and governance as well.

“PSL has been the breeding ground for so much in Pakistan. First of all cricket, with the T20 tournament even producing regulars for Test cricket – which has absolutely nothing to do with T20,” he said.

“But of course cricket is so much more in the country. I feel that the future prime minister of Pakistan will come through the PSL,” he added. “In fact, I hope the PSL produces a future finance minister as well. We’ll keep an eye on the economy rates!”

Mani expressed confidence in the youngsters taking part in the PSL, noting that there is enough politics in Pakistan cricket for them to succeed.

“Our dressing rooms are often stepping stones for politicians – even though who don’t make it as far as the Prime Minister’s office,” the PCB chairman noted. “However, PSL will undoubtedly help Pakistan win a World Cup in the near future – and you know what happens after that.”